New to PURE Yoga Dallas? Scroll through these frequently asked questions. Have a question that isn’t answered here? Please contact us!

It’s my first time. What do I do?

Sign up and register online for your first class. Arrive 15 minutes before the class time.

What should I wear to class?

Wear comfortable clothing: tank tops, sports bra, breathable tees, yoga shorts, or running shorts are ideal. Avoid pants, sweats and long-sleeve shirts. Undergarments or see-through garments are not permitted in the yoga room. To keep our space clean, shoes are not permitted in the lobby, changing rooms or yoga room.

What do I need to bring?

A yoga mat, a beach towel, and a big bottle of water. A complimentary mat and towel are provided for your first class.

Cell phone, pagers, wallet, car keys, bags, etc. are not permitted in the hot room. There are cubbies in the changing rooms, which are members-only areas, to store your personal belongings. ​

 What if I am late for class?

Each class begins promptly. Students can join class during the first set of Standing Deep Breathing – once it is over, students will not be permitted into the yoga room.

What should I eat/drink before/during/after class?

Come to class on an empty stomach – but don’t starve yourself all day! Most people find they need to allow 2 hours between eating and taking class. As you practice this yoga, your own innate wisdom will emerge and guide you as to what is right for you.

Please come to class well hydrated. Drink a lot of water throughout the day to ensure you’re properly hydrated for class (half your body weight in ounces). We advise all students to take an electrolyte supplement, and offer a wide variety for purchase at the studio.

What if I need to leave early?

Each class is either 60 / 90 minutes. We suggest you select a class time when you can stay to practice the entire class.

Am I allowed to leave the yoga room?

We encourage all students to stay in the yoga room for the entire 60 / 90 minutes; instead of leaving, take as many breaks as needed so your body can acclimate to the heat.

Part of the practice is to build concentration, determination, and self control. If you absolutely must leave the room, make sure the teacher knows you’ve left and come back as quickly as possible.

 I’ve never practiced yoga and I’m a little nervous. Do you have a special class for me?

All of our classes are beginner-friendly. Everyone from the novice to the experienced yogi is welcome.