Mardy C.

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Jeff C.

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Audra S.

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Nora R.

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Atina P.

provides a steadfastness to her class that is simultaneously reassuring and challenging. A veteran teacher of over 10 years, Atina knows this yoga inside out (bones to skin!). She knows its deeply healing and life-changing effects, and she provides students with a safe and comforting environment in which to push themselves and explore their ‘edge.’ Atina’s warm and compassionate personality comes across in her teaching, which is always inspired and inspiring.

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Atina moved to the U.S. when she was 12. She holds a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism from Oklahoma State University. Atina attended teacher training in the fall of 2001 in Los Angeles, knowing after her first class that she wanted to teach. To her, teaching is the greatest job in the world, as she gets to spend her days literally watching people transform themselves in front of her eyes!

Erika M.

teaches a gentle yet persistent class. Erika has a lightness and sweetness to her tone that makes students feel loved and comforted in her presence, while still being pushed to try their hardest and pay careful attention to form and technique. Erika brings humor into the hot room but is serious about getting students to push themselves. She reminds her yogis to smile while they practice, improving their lives on and off the mat.

Born in Canyon, Texas, Erika started practicing Bikram yoga in January of 2010. She quickly fell in love with this powerful yoga and the BYD community, and started working the front desk in March of 2010. Erika has been teaching full time since she attended Bikram’s teacher training in Fall of 2012.

Joel G.

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Elene V.

is upbeat, encouraging and positive. She always ensures her students are not only getting stronger with their practice, but that they always feel safe. Whether you’re a child, a senior or someone in between, students can expect a challenging and intense experience. Elene just asks that you do the best you can! Elene believes that in keeping with the tradition of Bikram Yoga’s 26 postures, students can consistently gauge positive changes to their bodies.

Elene has been practicing Bikram Yoga for over 10 years. You may notice a little extra energy from Elene during Balancing Stick (Tuladandasana), her favorite posture. She is a mother to four children and has a two year old grandson, Ace. Elene is also a dog lover who supports fostering or adopting dogs from shelters. When Elene is not in the studio, you may find her riding her bike around White Rock Lake. So, particularly for all you triathletes and cyclists seeking more hip mobility, Elene looks forward to seeing you in her next class!

Kristin M.

teaches with a focus that ensures her students get the most from every class. Kristin believes the heat endemic to Bikram Yoga is the most challenging aspect of the practice, and she strives to ensure her students maintain the discipline to get the most from every class. Kristin believes the body can do incredible things and hopes you feel energized after one of her classes.

Kristin was introduced to Bikram Yoga 7 years ago…on a date! The relationship didn’t last, but her love affair with Bikram Yoga was well underway. When Kristin is not teaching / practicing at the studio, you may find her swimming laps. And after all that activity, she only feels a little guilt for occasionally sneaking in a late night chocolate chip cookie.